Industry B holding a phone of Grant. Photo Credit: Eric Scrivner

Industry B, Putting Their Skills to the Test (B)

Grace Purvis

Going into the Junk Game, Industry B had no strategy. They saw what they liked, and they grabbed it. Initially, their items consisted of a long hose, a pool pump, a flat screen tv, a coffee can, and several other objects. Through the “generosity” of four other industries, they received a metallic blue, micro My Little Pony backpack, a dirty air filter, a microwave, and a biology textbook. Using the astounding duct tape skills of Dallas Davis and abounding creativity from all members, they created the Nanogram.

Pictured above is the original Nanogram.

 The Nanogram is an educational nanny for children when their parents aren’t home. The pool pump became the body and its hose arms had the ability to clean all messes. The pony backpack turned into the friendly face. The long hose wrapped around the base of the microwave, making the Nanogram corner free and completely childproof. It also comes with a remote (formerly a broken calculator) that can be used from anywhere in the world.

Spokespeople Alexandra Herrera and Darrel Saina gave a pitch highlighting the key points of the Nanogram and its price of $999 – for the home model that is.

As of late Monday afternoon, the Nanogram is no more. Now it’s the Sam! Style Me. The Sam! Style Me, will be debuting at New York Fashion Week this fall. This machine is a state of the art hair styler, it does your makeup, and creates outfits tailored just for your individual look.

Pictured above is the Sam! Style Me.

It customizes the clothing and beauty looks to your own personal style. The Sam! Style Me, can suggest new clothes for you and even buy your outfits with its enhanced artificial intelligence technology. This same friendly AI gives encouragement for the outfit you’re wearing.

“This is the new Alexa” team member Kate Landhuis said. “It gives you a ton of hype on your outfits.”

There is also a free app you can download that controls the machine. This app allows you to purchase and rent clothes picked just for you. The Sam! Style Me. retails for 3 payments of $199. It can be purchased online by emailing or by calling 1-800-SAM-STYL.