Industry T posing for the camera. Photo Credit: Eric Scrivner

Where Industry T’s App Ideas Come Früm (T)

By Mikayla Deters

As the newest addition to the Business Horizons program, Industry T had multiple obstacles to overcome throughout their journey this past week. While a majority of the industries were working with physical materials, this group was tasked with creating their own virtual ideas of what their product would be.

Industry T’s efforts focused around an app titled Früm, which was based around a list of goals and tasks for an entire household. The app is created around a framework titled Scrum, which helps to track the completion of tasks to achieve specific goals. For each task, sticky notes are moved through different sections of “to do”, “doing”, or “done”. Each goal that a group creates includes many different tasks to be completed. Früm allows family members to keep track of the person in charge of each task, to the time limit for completion.

Sean Wilson-Brynoe of Fairfield High School from Industry T, explained that relationships were organized as different users making up a family sharing many goals, while also keeping each of the families separate. “if we want to connect families, that’s a functionality we can add but right now there are multiple users connected to one family and one family has multiple goals and multiple goals have multiple tasks,” he said.

Signing up for the app itself would be relatively simple for any family members who would want to join Früm. To join the app, Wilson-Brynoe explained, would be just like any other website. “The interface is kind of self-explanatory so everything will be easy to find: a sidebar where you click ‘add goal’ and you have all your options come down on the right side,” he said, explaining how the layout would be similar to a dashboard.

To get future users excited, the idea was brought up by multiple students to create a sort of working prototype online where those viewing the products would be able to see the very basics. Students would be working together to create a web-app that showed basic characteristics of Früm. Wilson-Brynoe mentioned that the industry would be purchasing a domain name so that the product could be publicly viewable from any device.

For demonstration purposes, the group was focused on laptop presentations, while for the mobile view, they will be using a presentation board to show the functionality — more is to come however. “We’ll be building an actual application to show the different functionalities and how you can create accounts and move things to kind of live a demo of the app. I call it sudo-functionality. That’s our plan,” he stated.

While their competition is mostly full of physical creations, Industry T will be showing off their prototype for Früm. The group of students are also showing the opportunities for future Business Horizons camp members as the first year of Industry T.