Chris Draper teaching students rugby

Monday Night Rugby Showdown

Grace Purvis


Chris Draper and students

Chris Draper and students

One of the first things rugby coach Chris Draper asked the students at Schipper Stadium was how many had rugby experience. Maybe three people raised their hands. However, their lack of experience didn’t stop them from going all in. The combination of positive mindsets, competitive attitudes, and general restlessness made for several great five minute games. Starting with almost no knowledge on the sport, the Business Horizons students quickly picked up on the rules and techniques.

Students gathered around to plan for next game

Students gathered around to plan for next game

At the end of regular play, Industry C was undefeated and Industry E was in last place. As tournament play began, Industry E moved up the ranks and was set to play in the final game. Industry C let one too many runners get past their defense and ended up placing third. In the final game of B against E, there were some tough accidental tackles and great fast break plays.

Student cheering for win

Student cheering for a win.

Student running for a goal!

Student running for a goal.

In a true underdog story, Industry E ended up winning 2-0. As their team talked over the game the next day, Payton Klarenbeek of West Lyon High School said, “It was a team effort and we came together when it counted.” Jake Northup of Dowling Catholic High School referred to the game as “a full send.”