Adventures at Adventureland

Gavin Powell

Talkative students and beautiful weather sums up a perfect day at Adventure Land. Business Horizons students went on a mini vacation to Adventureland for three hours on Tuesday night in an effort to reduce the building stress on students. The trip was well received by everyone, including the staff.

Sean Wilson-Bynoe, a student at Fairfield High School, went swimming in the wave pool, rode some rides, and said that he “had a pretty good root beer float.” An ambassador named Maddy Ladehoff said her favorite ride was the shooting star and that she mostly rode on rides. However, she did not ride roller coasters. She said, “I had some bomb ice cream.” Cole Bisbee, a student at Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School, mostly went swimming at Adventureland, where he enjoyed the wave pool and found that the food was “really, surprisingly good!”