Students get a thrill on the Sidewinder at Adventureland Resort.

As Tilt-A-Whirl winds up, students wind down at Adventureland


Students were able to unwind, have fun and enjoy their evening Adventureland Resort.

Students enjoyed good rides, good food and company from one another.

Abbie Den Adel, of Ankeny, was excited but nervous to ride the roller coaster, the Monster.

“Riding the Monster for the fist time, I didn’t think it was going to be fun,” Den Adel said. She soon realized she really like it. “I didn’t ride all of the rides, but the Monster was my favorite.”

Some students had visited Adventureland as kids. Josie Bearden, of Ankeny, had fun memories of the park from a young age.

“I went with my friends on the Sidewinder,” Bearden said. “When we where kids we thought it was fun, but it turns out that I hated the rides but I still had fun.”

“When I first got there, I thought of walking around, but I ended up having a fun time with my best friends,” said Ethan Geifman, of Bettendorf. “It is a fun place when you get there but you don’t if it fun until you try it out yourself. As long as you enjoy and have fun and be in the moment it is perfect.”