Speakers Bethany Wilcoxon and Joseph Jones

Do you love Iowa enough to stay?


Have you stayed in Iowa from birth and lived in the state since adulthood? Students explored the idea of staying in Iowa after graduation during Business Horizons.

Guest speakers Joseph Jones and Bethany Wilcoxon said in their presentation to students that the cost of living in the state of Iowa is very cheap.

“I never thought I’d be here after this [much] time,” Wilcoxon said.

So many might not believe staying in Iowa is something they like but when they do, they love it.

“I grew up in Louisiana and I never thought of Iowa once. I knew Iowa was one of the 50 states and I knew I wanted see it one day,” Jones said.

But he didn’t imagine moving to the state.

You don’t have to be born in Iowa to love it, and for Jones his mind was changed quickly. At first, both Wilcoxon and Jones weren’t interesting in staying, but as Jones visited more he started to love Iowa and ended up moving permanently. Wilcoxon similarly didn’t want to be in the state, but also changed her mind after moving to the state.

Why do people choose to stay in Iowa? Residents like Hannah Kraus said she would like to stay in Iowa because of the support from her family, community, and the comfort from her hometown.

“I’ve stayed in Iowa because I was born here and grew up here,” Jessi Steward, the Director of Programs for The Iowa Association of Business and Industry Foundation said

Many people have their reasons for staying and their reason could be anything, but the similarities come down to love of family, kindness from community, the people, or could simply a love for Iowa!