central college pond with lily pads

The Charm of Central College

By Makenna Arbogast

No person would want to spend five days doing multiple business activities without a nice place to work. At Central College, three major elements gained the favor of students staying for Business Horizons 2019. Those were the decorative center-campus pond, the dining area named the Central Market, and the dorm rooms of Scholte Hall.

side view of central college pond
Side view of the Central College Pond. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

The pond, located next to Broadway Street, drew many of the students to love the overall appearance of the college. Lily pads floated along the water, flowers sprouted around the area, and a bridge spans the pond for traveling the campus. Business Horizons students pass this pond every day of their stay, and had many opinions on this campus feature.

“It’s good for pictures,” Araceli Tapetillo, who comes from Ottumwa and goes to Cardinal High School, remarked about the pond.

People also commented on the pond’s physical features.

“I like it, with the pebbles and the animals,” said Suzy Erewer from Johnston and Johnston High School.

Front of Central Market
Front view of Central Market. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

Another one of the most popular places visited was the dining area known as the Central Market. It offered a variety of foods to eat such as pizza, chicken, pasta, ice cream and more. Not only that, but there was a large selection of drinks to choose from that you could have any time of day. The Central Market wasn’t only appreciated for it’s meals however.

Students and staff alike saw the Central Market as an opportunity to hang out with friends. The five-day schedule was super busy each day, so the space provided the perfect time to chat with friends or collaborate with other industries.

Outside of Scholte Hall
The front view of Scholte Hall. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

The last element that helped shape the Central College impression was the dorms. Business Horizons residents were required to stay the night on campus in Scholte Hall every day, so the dorms had to be up to standards. Each room had a bunk bed, two desks with shelves, clothing compartments, and a next-door bathroom. There were several positive opinions regarding the dorms after a couple of nights living there.

“Well, I’m rooming with my best friend so that’s good,” Akhil Sharma from Waukee and Waukee High School said when asked about the dorms. Other students showed hesitation with their temporary accommodations.

Cera Stroh, resident of Ottumwa and Ottumwa High School said it’s “kind of hard to share the bathroom with other people. That’s the hardest part, but everything else is fine.”

Even though lots of students felt uncomfortable occupying the dorms, the experience proved to be a life lesson for their future in college.

Living in the dorms supplied students with the knowledge of being a college resident. Now that they have that information, hopefully every student going into college in the future is better prepared for the new era of their life.