Industry T members discuss group roles

The Mystery of Industry T

By Zoey May

With Business Horizons in full swing, a small yet significant question rose amongst the eighty-some participants, “Where is Industry T? And what is it exactly that they’re doing?”

Fortunately for parents, the answer was a lot less sinister.

“Instead of making physical products like everybody else, we’re coming up for ideas for an app”, says soon-to-be high school junior Lucy Weis, of Cumming. ” We all did pitches yesterday, and we decided to do a parking idea; so we’re going to try and develop that.”

Noah Bronk of Algona elaborated, ” You can go into a town, and there’s going to be a parking garage… [The app] will tell you where the nearest free and or open parking spots are, allowing you to get to your destination as fast and efficiently as possible.”

While they’re confident in their big ideas, they are not yet beyond the baby steps. Everyone discussed who would take on roles such as the CEO, CFO, CMO, and others.

This didn’t deter the group as they slowly narrowed down the “occupation” pool.

“I’m going to be the CEO”, Weis said with a laugh.

The biggest hurdle for the app itself was also its most critical aspect; that being its ability to turn a profit. Yet even for this issue the group had a solution.

“We’ll make it so that the company that owns the parking garage pays a certain amount each month so that our service stays free,” Bronk said. “We haven’t decided the exact amount, but we’ll decide that after we’ve gotten all the groups worked out.”

So while the mystery of Industry T has been solved and their reputation solidified, one question remained: Did the members feel left out by the other groups?

Bronk answered without hesitation, “They wish we did.”