French Fries Finish First in Food Fight

By Hally Rittmer, of Preston

Business Horizons attendees spent most of their meal times inside Central Market, Central College’s dining facility. Ten students participated in a Horizon Sun Times survey on July 16, sharing information about their dining experiences throughout the week.

An average score of 6.25 out of 10 was given by the campers. Scores ranging from two to ten provided a wide range from nearly intolerable to exceptional. Dining stations providing french fries, pizza, and chicken were the hot spots in the cafeteria as those were voted as the top three favorite dishes, french fries at the top. Though these same items may be a popular dish on the students’ high school menus, 70% of the poll participants said Central’s food beat their high school’s. The remaining participants said the food’s quality was equivalent, while none of them thought it was worse.

Although the meal location differed from where they might eat at home, half of the campers said their eating habits did not change. Some of those who said their habits took a turn for the worse – 30 percent – attributed the change to the variety of options, including multiple kinds of desserts and pops. The remaining 20 percent of those interviewed said their healthy habits had increased, as they were choosing more nutritious meals throughout their week at Business Horizons than they would at home.