sleeping man

Schedule Changes Come With Sleep Changes


Students from Business Horizons had a few challenges when it came to… sleeping. Some students chose the option of sleeping, and waking up ,whenever they wanted to. For obvious reasons, many were not acclimated to this particular sleeping schedule.

The new sleeping schedule, took it’s toll especially when students realized they had to wake up early to not be late for activities, like Carmaryn Butts of Des Moines. She didn’t like the new habit.

“The first night I couldn’t sleep, but surprisingly I woke up early…The next morning I couldn’t wake up and wanted to keep sleeping.” said Butts. “I sleep whenever, but usually past 11pm. It does affect [me] for breakfast and [I] am tired.”

Some students believe that Business Horizons should change the sleeping schedule. “…if I go to sleep at 11:30pm and wake up at 7:30am, [I] am still sleepy.” said Nolan Reynold. “I do have time wake up but depends on happened…I wake up for work I set a schedule.”

The actual quality of sleep, as explained by students isn’t poor, but many think there should be an extended time for sleep in the dorms… or at least a nap.