Ambassadors and students perform as action figures

Impressive Improv

By Makenna Arbogast

Business Horizons After Hours bring a variety of different activities that students preform. One example of an activity done was improv. Students had the option to volunteer and act out scenes given by the audience while competing with the ambassadors and advisors. Three of the most entertaining improv pieces done by the two groups were the tag-team basketball improv, live-action figure improv, and summary of the Aladdin movie improv.

Ambassadors and students replace each other's arms
Two ambassadors and students battle in improv basketball while having arms replaced by teammate. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

The tag-team basketball improv involved two people from both teams to work together in an uncomfortable position. One person was the speaker, the second person was placed as the arms of the speaker. The end-result of this scene was amusing, to say the least. There were ambassadors getting “dunked on”, students showing off dance moves, and funny commentary coming from both the performers and audience.

Ambassadors and students playing action figures
Two ambassadors and students compete as action figures. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

Another impressive performance was a live-action improv scene. This scene was also a two-person-per-team improv like the basketball scene, but in this case one person had to act like an action figure and talk at the same time. Their teammate contributed by taking the role of moving the other person’s body to do things like point, walk, nod and other gestures. Not only that, but the context of the scene is a murder interrogation. There were a lot of accusations but, in the end, the scene concluded with a hug.

Gina Vitiritto, Cassandra Sparkman, and Kaci Conetzkey Reenacting Aladdin
Gina Vitiritto, Cassandra Sparkman, and Kaci Conetzkey Reenacting Aladdin’s flying carpet ride. Photo by Makenna Arbogast

The third most amusing improv performed was the summary of the Aladdin movie scene. Each team performed with three people without the other group’s participation. Both teams had a certain amount of time to carry out their scene and performed three times. The first round had 90 seconds, the second had 60 seconds and the third round was restricted to an intense 15-second limit. The ambassador/advisor team began first and was ruled by the crowd to have started off poorly, but progressed to a “decent” score. Yet when the student’s had their time to preform, they were chosen as the better performance of the two teams and won.

My, what a surprise.