Untold Secrets of Scholte Dorm Room

By Samantha Eberly, Clarinda

Dorm rooms are essential to the week at Business Horizons. After all, we need dorm rooms to sleep in, shower in and change in. Dorm rooms house secrets though, and those need to be brought into the light.

Obviously, boys and girls are separated in Scholte dorm rooms, exactly down the middle. Scholte is almost exactly shaped like a ‘U’, making it extremely easy for Business Horizons Coordinators to split students in half and ensure our safety. There are secrets and flaws in the system though, and the media has figured them out, and would love to unearth them for campers and ambassadors to know.

Beginning with the basics of the split, Scholte is ‘U’ shaped. Boys and girls were split down the middle of the ‘U’, creating a huge difference in common rooms, lounges and even bars of soap that were not openly available to girls. Jacob Kurt, a student ambassador and former camper at Business Horizons willingly photographed the lounges in the dorms to show the drastic difference in extra activities students can take part in. A source also mentioned how soaps were dropped off to the boys dorms where as no soaps were freely given to the girls.

In the boys lounge, there happen to be televisions, computers, a kitchen, couches and two vending machines that are easily accessible to all male campers.

Boys’ Lounge – Including a pool table, couches, hightop tables, two vending machines and a kitchen and dining area.

In the girls lounge, there is hardly this much variety in common room activities to take part in. At the girl’s disposal, there are four computers, a white board, a few tables and an old piano.

Girls’ Lounge

A new way to separate Scholte Hall should be enforced to promote camper comfortability and more importantly to avoid future question and conflict. Under close watch, letting the first floor be a common place for boys and girls would make all laundry areas, all four lounges, computers, vending machines and even the kitchen accessible for both genders. Choosing a certain floor for designated genders allows for all students to have equal opportunities to access the lounges, vending machines and water bottle stations in the future.

Have you ever wondered how Dorm-Mom & Dad know when our lights are on in the rooms after lights out? On the last night of Business Horizons, there was an ongoing investigation to figure out how they were finding out about the lights while being on a completely separate floor. The second floor girls dorm advisor let slip how we’re found out. It has to do with the architecture of the building. Because Scholte Hall is shaped like a ‘U’, Dorm-Mom & Dad can easily peer over at the opposite side of the building and report back to each other about mischievous students staying up past their bedtimes.

Students have admitted to stuffing towels under their door to hide light, and even going as far as making curtains from towels and blankets just so they can stay up and talk to their roommates. Regardless, everyone still gets caught. Probably due to the shape of bodies in windows trying to hang makeshift curtains.

Due to a simple exchange of phone numbers, Dorm-Mom and Dad have become savvy watch birds to ensure students stay in their rooms and turn off the lights at the assigned time.

Remember though, strict rules make for sneaky students.