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David Williamson

Keeping the Rock Rollin

Gavin Powell

David Williamson is a great many things, but he is far from boring. Williamson is not only being inducted into the 2018 Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, he’s also passionate about leading Iowa’s youth to greater success in the future through creativity training. Creativity training is a group task and helps to show that everyone is capable of individual creative thinking. The training is very unique and inspiring to the students of Business Horizons.

Right off the bat, Williamson gave a lesson in formal introductions – a handshake to be exact. Williamson said, “There’s two types of important webs. There is the one online, and there is the one between your thumb and first finger.”  He explained after his presentation, “A handshake was all we ever did business on back then. It was more of a code of honor.” Williamson said that back in the day, he never would get burnt on a deal, even if the only thing solidifying it was a simple handshake.

Williamson discussed his Bushmen band days how local media impacted his career. “I realized early on that the media really didn’t mean anything to me. Sure they helped with publicity, yeah, but I was mostly just a content provider to them, and that was most of our relationship.”

In school, Williamson’s choice to pursue music wasn’t always received in a positive light. “Back in the day, when you turn in your jock strap for a guitar strap you were usually headed for trouble.” He talked about his early band days and recruiting his band after quitting sports to be in a musical career. “Sophomore year, I went to a live rock show for the first time, and it was awesome, and I later found out that my local milkman was the lead guitarist, and I figured out that anyone can rock, including me.”

Williamson asked for an electric guitar that very Christmas, kicking off a successful and enjoyable lifelong career making music and changing lives for the better. Williamson shared with the crowd how his experience in his band was relevant. He has been speaking to Business Horizon for well over 20 years, to which he said, “The reason I do this is because people cared more about what was on top of my head, then between my ears.”

Kay Neumann-Thomas, The Vice President of the Iowa Association Of Business And Industry Foundation, and the long-time leader of Business Horizons, felt that David Williamson was a man of unique history, creativeness, and had an original outlook on life. She feels his lessons can apply to all forms of life, both professional and normal. “David Williamson has been one of the most unique, creative, and informative speakers we have had at Business Horizons.”

Emily Schettler, a communication strategist working for the Harkin Institute, took away several important things from Williamson’s creativity training, such as how replicable and applicable everything he talked about was, regardless of career path. When asked about Williamson’s outlook on life, she said, “His enthusiasm about life and it’s unpredictable nature was just infectious, and I now feel motivated to try new things that I never thought about before.” She reacted just as many others at Business Horizons did – with total respect and enthusiasm. “My biggest take-away of his time with us would be that presentation is just as important as the product, which I agree with.”

(Photo Credit: Sydney Peterson)

Business Horizons Junk game

What are you going to do with all that junk?

Diana Sagastizado

Ten tables full of junk, 55 students with the objective of changing all that scrap heap into a captivating treasure trove. On Sunday, July 15 the students of the 2018 Business Horizons (BH) class gathered together to create their very own product out of various worn out everyday objects. The production challenge also known as the “junk challenge” is a fast passed, creativity exploration that emphasizes teamwork, problem solving, and imagination.

At the beginning of BH, each student was assigned to an industry to whom each individual would remain a part of the remainder of the week. The concept of the game was simple: create a product as an industry, construct it using junk parts and tape, and sell it. The only rule being the object cannot be used as for its original intended purpose.

David Williamson helps students

David Williamson helps students. Photo credit: Sydney Peterson

David Williamson, the creator and director of the junk challenge asked for each industry to pick two representatives to come to the middle tables and pick two random objects. He continued with asking them to pick two different people and make selection based on how they feel, not how they look. He then proceeded by telling them to pick the heaviest object they find and the lightest. After a few more rounds of this pattern he asked the students to smell items, find something that had absolutely no odor, and something that had a distinct odor. Many of the students were surprised and felt really odd sniffing random stuff on the tables, but as Williamson said “Being plugged into the nose is also crucial when designing a product.”

After the chaotic scenery of choosing the part the students got to work. Around the room you could hear many ideas being brought out and creativity flourishing. Teamwork and collaboration were very vivid among the group of individuals. As each person would grab a part and say “This microwave could be the engine to our personal flying car!” After time was up each student had to pick a spokesperson to go up and try and sell the product to the audience. Uniqueness and creativity were projected throughout each presentation having various inventions, from an ejecting personal flying transportation device to a mini portable hot lunch maker.

That night these nine industries knew what they were going to do with all that junk. They were going to create the framework of an amazing product that they were to polish the rest of the week with the goal to captivate consumers’ minds.

Meet Business Horizons Students

Mikayla Deters

Mikayla Deters

Media Team Art Director: Mikayla 

Nevada High School

First impressions of BH: Excited for new opportunities to improve her writing skills

Looking forward to: Gaining experience meeting professionals in the journalism feed

Facts about Mikayla: Loves stage managing, former president of her school’s Gay Straight Alliance  (current vice president), has qualified for State Speech individually two years in a row, enjoys volunteer work

Favorite subject: History

Mikayla encourages everybody to watch Mr. Bett’s Youtube channel


Diana sagastizado

Diana sagastizado

Media Team Journalist: Diana

Clarke High School

First impressions of BH: Lost her map right away, but it is only getting better from there

Looking forward to: Exploring more opportunities in journalism

Hobbies/Sports: Basketball, soccer, lots of clubs

Favorite Subject: History

A joke to share: What did the drummer name his two daughters?

Answer: Hannah 1, Hannah 2


Sara Qualley

Sara Qualley

Media Team Editor: Sara

Iowa Falls-Alden High School

Previous journalism experience: Journalism class, local newspaper internship in the fall

Looking forward to: Meeting others with a passion for journalism

Facts about Sara: Loves dogs, enjoys reading, likes to write feature stories as well as fantasy, does lots of service work

Current job: Fareway

Dream job: Journalist, she wants to share other people’s stories


Lilian Hatting

Lilian Hatting

Industry D: Liliann

Grinnell High School

First impressions of BH: Interesting and unique, not a common opportunity

Looking forward to: Using her experiences here to become more comfortable in front of crowds and becoming more professional

What she wants everybody to know: She is not as mean as she looks.

Hobbies: Tennis, photography, and art

Favorite subject: Art and science

Current Jobs: Americorps (government organization providing literacy based programs for children), teacher’s assistant at a daycare, ice cream shop

Dream Job: Forensic science technician

She loves: Baked beans and tropical places

Industry "M" Media Business Horizons

The New Candle-Bearers of ‘Horizon Sun Times’

It’s once again that time of the year for new students to join the ranks of Business Horizons. Amongst them are six journalists to record and review their ingenuity.

In life there are those who stand idle, and those who achieve greatness. The new Horizon Sun Times staff are the latter of the two. The staff is ready to make the week more fun, friendly, and enjoyable for the whole populace of Business Horizons (BH).

The six journalists have been assigned positions in the News Room, such as the title Editor, Social Media Director, Art Director, and a few active journalists. The Horizon Sun Times editor is Sara Qualley of Iowa Falls High School, the social media director is Grace “Gracie” Purvis of BCLUW, the art director Mikayla Deters of Nevada High School, and our journalists are Diana Sagastizado of Clarke Community High School, Grace Galloway of Des Moines Roosevelt High School, and Gavin Powell of Van Buren High School. The group is very ready to record the new machines, new workers, and new industries.

Business Horizons is a new thing for all of us, but we all look forward to making it even more fun for the attendees, their care-givers, and their sponsors! It’s day two of BH, so let’s keep the rock rolling, and have a wonderful week.

By Gavin Powell