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Two pigs partying in Iowa

Why Iowa?

Grace Galloway

On July 16, Joseph Jones and Bethany Wilcoxon visited with Business Horizons students to share why they love Iowa. Jones explained he heard some rumors about Iowa prior to choosing to live here. Jones shared that one of the rumors was, “There were more hogs than people.” Jones and Wilcoxon then invited advisors to come up on stage to answer questions. The advisors were asked, “What’s your name? Where are you from? What college did you go to?” Some of the advisors were born outside of Iowa.

The next question was simple, “Why Iowa?” Most answers were because of jobs or because Iowa has great opportunities. Some of the adults had different, unique, and funny answers. One  advisor told a story on how their friend loves Iowa because crime rates are low and occasionally comical. For example, someone once stole a Santa out of their front yard! Another advisor said that her husband got a job in Iowa, and she didn’t like Iowa at first because she thought of it as just a place full of corn. Eventually, she grew to love Iowa. Some of the other answers to “Why Iowa?” included the affordability of Iowa and how nice the people were.

Nowadays, younger people are earning enough money to retire early because Iowa has good connections and job opportunities. Studies show there are roughly 66,000 job openings in Iowa and even more to come. There are even more surprising things to know about Iowa that students learned in a game Jones and Wilcoxon had them play. The game was simple – guess where in Iowa the product is made. Products included Cookies Bar “B” “Q” sauce, battleship parts, and Blue Bunny Ice Cream. The game illustrated to students how much is made in Iowa, and the results surprised a few people.